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  SONbeamZ  are inspirational messages that share the love of God and the glory of His Son, Jesus Christ.  These devotionals – for young teens and pre-teens – teach who God is, how to become His child, and how to live for Him.  They tell of the wonder of the Lord, as revealed in His Word and the beauty of His Creation.

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  Christmas Angel
To all Christian Youth Leaders and Bible Club Organizers...
This is a simple Christmas story in the form of a short skit which can be performed by a troupe of tweens or teens, or even young adults.  The story is told by seven principal characters – plus a few extras in a small party scene.  The focus is on a main character who wanders the stage looking for Christmas.  As the action progresses, the characters tell their twisted versions of Christmas and offer up trivial gifts that represent their tales.  Eventually we meet a sad girl who has real trouble in her life, and then an angel explains the true meaning of Christmas.

  Section: Supplies Needed

  The following props can be purchased, borrowed, or – where possible – made by hand ahead of time.  (Construction can be a project in itself for the group.)
  • Small Christmas tree with a few cheap & tacky ornaments
  • Medium-sized gingerbread house
  • Belt  (aka "e-Belt")  (perhaps a little oversize for the main character)
  • Battery or cellphone charger  (biggish & impressive)
  • Party hats  (plus a larger one to be handed to the main character)
  • Small bell  (preferably with a rich ring to it)
  • Angel stuff – a pair of wings (not too big) and perhaps a halo
The set requires minimal scenery.  (Another project for the group.)  Boxes should be big enough to allow a person to crouch behind and remain concealed until it is their turn to speak.
  • Four (or more) boxes, placed randomly and decorated with Christmas paper, garlands, ribbons, etc
  • One box left plain and undecorated, placed near center stage
  • Extra smaller boxes, trees, etc, for stage fill (if space requires)
Costumes are simple:  All actors are dressed in typical street clothes, except Sad Girl is a little tattered and the angel looks very neat and dapper.

  Section: Director's Notes

  The prop and set lists (above) and these director's notes are included in the PDF file to be downloaded.  The presentation script follows on three pages.

The Main Character slowly wanders the stage back & forth – obviously searching – and encounters the various hidden characters at their boxes.  Each appears and tells their impression of Christmas in a haughty, arrogant, or melodramatic tone, then offers a token gift to our hero, who gets bogged down with all the loot.  Only the Sad Girl – someone facing real trouble in life – sounds genuine and caring.

The party scene consists of a few young people milling around and singing a silly song or nonsensical chorus (something simple like "la-la-la") in the background.  They enter from the sidelines as the scene begins and afterwards they should unobtrusively retreat to the back of the stage area.  All other speakers can simply remain quietly at their stations (perhaps kneeling or sitting) for the duration of the skit.

The angel provides the resolution to the story by explaining the real Christmas.  For dramatic effect, it is best if he enters the stage walking from the back of the auditorum, so that he appears to come a long way to save the day rather than just being there among the others.  He must speak slowly, and preferably with a deep solemn voice.

We own the copyright for the script narration – permission is hereby granted for Christian groups to stage this skit royalty-free.  A Christmas hymn is recommended for the conclusion of the skit – choose something appropriate for your group.

Click here to download our Christmas Skit
"Looking for Christmas"

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