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  Sun Rise
  SONbeamZ  are inspirational messages that share the love of God and the glory of His Son, Jesus Christ.  These devotionals – for young teens and pre-teens – teach who God is, how to become His child, and how to live for Him.  They tell of the wonder of the Lord, as revealed in His Word and the beauty of His Creation.

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It's easy to do.  Just follow these three simple steps...
  1. First, download the SONbeamZ icon and save it to your hard drive:
    • Right-click HERE (or the SONbeamZ icon below)
    • Select your SAVE AS function...
    • Save the icon file (SONbeamZ.ico) to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\

  2. Second, create a shortcut on your desktop:
    • Go to your computer desktop.
    • Right-click and select NEW SHORTCUT.
    • Copy and paste this command line:
      Then click NEXT.
    • Copy and paste this name:  SONbeamZ
      Then click FINISH.

  3. Finally, apply the SONbeamZ icon to the new shortcut:
    • Right-click on the new SONbeamZ shortcut and select PROPERTIES.
    • Click on CHANGE ICON.
    • Copy and paste this file name:  C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\SONbeamZ.ico
And that's it!  You should now have the SONbeamZ logo as an icon on your desktop.  (Double-click it just to make sure you get to the SONbeamZ web site.)

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NOTE:  If your computer does not allow you to save the icon file (SONbeamZ.ico) to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM, you can save it to some other folder that is more convenient.  But you must remember that folder and use it for the icon file name in Step 3  (for example: c:\MyDocuments\SONbeamZ.ico).

If you would rather point the shortcut to the SONbeamZ By Theme page, follow the general instructions above, but cut and paste THIS case-sensitive command line (URL) for the shortcut:

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Devotional messages are written by
Gina Mohammed & Dan Pernokis.
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