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  SONbeamZ  are inspirational messages that share the love of God and the glory of His Son, Jesus Christ.  These devotionals – for young teens and pre-teens – teach who God is, how to become His child, and how to live for Him.  They tell of the wonder of the Lord, as revealed in His Word and the beauty of His Creation.

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Title: The TREE of LIFE

  Christmas Tree To all Christian Youth Leaders and Bible Club Organizers...
This is a simple Christmas story that involves youngsters in your Christmas Presentation.  The story can be read by one or more adults, or it can be read by one or more children.  As the reading progresses, a Christmas Tree is decorated by one or more youngsters using certain symbolic ornaments.

  Section: Supplies Needed

  The focus is a Christmas tree suitable for your space – probably something about 4 feet (3.5 meters) tall, on a small table.  (A short person may need to reach the top.)  A simple garland will do for basic initial decoration, with very few (or no) lights.  It is important that you not distract from the main decorations to be hung as the story is read.

The following ornaments can be purchased, borrowed, or made by hand ahead of time.  (Construction can be a project in itself for the kiddies.)
  • Christmas tree (to be hung on the main tree)
  • An apple or fruit
  • Gingerbread man, snowman, or similar character (but not a Santa Claus)
  • Angel
  • Candle or light
  • Cross
  • The word "Joy"
  • A golden leaf
  • A golden door or gate
  • Another golden item (such as a castle)
  • Small book or tiny Bible
  • Christmas Star (for the top of the tree)

  Section: Director's Notes

  The supplies list (above) and these director's notes are included in the PDF file to be downloaded.  The presentation script follows on two pages.

The background narrative is written in blue italics.  The Scripture verses are written in black text, and the applicable ornament for each verse is listed and underlined in pink.  The ornament should be held up for all to see as each verse is read, and then hung on the tree as the reading is completed.

The reading allows great flexibility in format and presentation, allowing minimal or maximal participation, as may suit your particular group.  You may choose to have one narrator and then a reader for each verse.  Or you may choose to have a reader for each segment (narration and its following verses).  Or you could have one person read the entire work.  In any event, you should try to involve as many children as you can in the decoration of the tree.

We own the copyright for the script narration – permission is hereby granted for Christian groups to stage this presentation royalty-free.  Scripture verses are from The Holy Bible, New International Version (NIV), copyright by Biblica Inc. and used by permission.

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"The TREE of LIFE"

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