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  Sun Rise
  SONbeamZ  are inspirational messages that share the love of God and the glory of His Son, Jesus Christ.  These devotionals – for young teens and pre-teens – teach who God is, how to become His child, and how to live for Him.  They tell of the wonder of the Lord, as revealed in His Word and the beauty of His Creation.

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Family Here's a little craft project you can do...
Print off copies of our SONbeamZ Child of God Tract and pass them
out to your friends – so they can become Children of God too!

Child of God Tract - Top
Child of God Tract - Bottom
Back Side              Front Side                              Inside Pages             

Click HERE to download the SONbeamZ Child of God tract.  Note there are two copies of the tract per printed page and the tract is double-sided.  Print both pages, one on each side of the paper.  (Use heavy paper or card stock if you have any.)  Carefully cut the page in half side-to-side, and then fold each piece in half vertically to make two little booklets.

Click here to download the Child of God Tract

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Family Now invite your friend to become a Child of God.
Click HERE to find out how!

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Devotional messages are written by
Gina Mohammed & Dan Pernokis.
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